Our product platforms are easily adapted to any applications and market segments as long as we can provide added value through customization. At the core, we focus on the interaction between the power supply and the customer application.

By working closely with our customers, often within areas of highly demanding requirements, like harsh environment, specific EMC demands, space limitations and tough operating conditions, we are highly experienced in custom design and customization, to meet YOUR need!




At Abletec, we have substantial experience in designing innovative and reliable power supplies. Whether it be for maritime applications, applications with stringent EMC demands, applications with challenging environmental conditions, applications dealing with synchronization of switching frequency and tight voltage regulations.

Maritime applications powered by Abletec include:

  • Hydroacoustic precision equipment
  • Sonars and echo-sounders
  • Subsea positioning systems
  • Remote radio control systems



For years, we have been working with successful manufacturers in the various communications sectors; satellite communication, broadcasting and professional audio & video. At Abletec, we take pride in understanding our customers application and their specific needs, such as advanced cooling techniques, small size and even redundancy requirements.

Communications applications powered by Abletec include:

  • Satellite communication terminals
  • Broadcast signal routers
  • Optical fiber distribution- and signal processing solutions
  • Tower mounted radio signal boosters


RENEWABLE ENERGYWindmills_cutout

At Abletec, we provide power supply solutions to world leading manufacturers of windmill control systems. In this industry, harsh environment is a common challenge, and overcoming this factor is a key design driver from the get-go.



Our power supplies are designed to meet the demanding requirements from state-of-the-art audio electronics designers. Typical applications include audio amplifiers, powered speakers, multi-room audio systems, docking stations and airplay speakers and projectors for home and professional use.



We provide a wide range of power supply solutions for the process industry, such as fuel dispensers, military equipment, intelligent house systems, radio remote control systems and more.