Custom Design

Throughout the last 15 years, we have developed a wide range of power supply platforms that can be customized towards your unique power supply demands. The combination of the newest technology available, with our extensive experience in product development and deep knowledge in power supply production, ensure the highest value for your application.

We know that every customer has different requirements and understand the advantages with custom designed power conversion. Sometimes a custom designed power supply is the only option, however that is rare. Most often, custom design is the preferred option, because it creates more value. It provides the highest degree of flexibility in your design, giving you the opportunity to focus on your product design and not design based on strict standard outputs and specifications from a standard power supply.

Customer specified output signals, mechanics, connectivity, environmental- and safety standards, EMC requirements and operating conditions are thoroughly addressed in close cooperation with the customer. The result is an optimal interphase between our power supply and your application. Such, custom design is a cost effective and technically optimal solution. With our extensive contract manufacturer network together with our total control over production- and testdocumentation, certifications and dedication to proactive quality efforts, we ensure the highest quality.

We strive to be your power supply expert, and you can recon us as your “internal” power supply resource. Our dedication to understand your application creates a unique understanding of your power supply needs. The interaction between our power supply and your application under your operating conditions is crucial for any successful product.

Abletec is your preferred partner in power conversion!